30 years after being the first ever headliner at the legendary festival Wacken Open Air the band SKYLINE writes the two Anthems for the anniversary of the festival. (30 Years Ago & This Is W:O:A)  The Anthems was released July 5th 2019 and also served as front runners for the bands first album UNCOVERED which came out August 1st 2019 on the day SKYLINE opened the main stages at W:O:A.

Founded in the mid-eighties, the Hard`n Heavy cover band from today’s “Noisiest Place in the World” (W:O:A), played numerous regional biker clubs and specially organized rock parties and events. The two founding members of the band, bass players Thomas Jensen, and drummer Andreas “Gösy” Schlüter didn’t just stick to playing music but also played a key role in co-founding the Wacken Open Air Festival.

Thomas, who today is one of the festival’s managing directors, along with Holger Hübner unfortunately, does not play the bass anymore, but Gösy is still the man behind the drums along with today’s members Dan Hougesen, Vocals.

Joey Castellini, Guitar/Vocals. Lars Jacobsen, Guitar. Dietmar Wulfgramm, Keys and Andreas Laude on the bass guitar

Since 2009 SKYLINE has been opening the Main Stage, the legendary Wacken Open Air Festival, in front of thousands of enthusiastic heavy metal fans and on Aug. 1st 2019 the band released their first full length album. Go check it out!